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Hellma products are tried and tested in numerous applications and convince with safety and precision - this is what we stand for with our name.

Nevertheless, we offer all customers the opportunity to test new products in practice in advance. Not only optical process probes or measuring cells, but also our TrayCell 2.0 - the Ultramicro measuring cell - which is already used in many laboratories worldwide, is available for testing.

The TrayCell 2.0 from Hellma allows sample volumes from 0.7 μl to 10 μl and is also suitable for samples with low surface tension. Hellma has thus revolutionized UV/Vis analysis of the smallest volumes.

If you are not yet familiar with the TrayCell 2.0, then simply contact your local Hellma partner directly. They will be very happy to inform you about the application possibilities, introduce the product to you and send you a TrayCell 2.0 for testing if you wish.

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