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Hellma Group


The Hellma-Group

Highest precision is fascinating! Optical components made of glass, quartz glass or calcium fluoride − they are an essential key component for facilities, instruments and machinery and thus ensure best possible results in various applications. Since 1922, Hellma has developed one-of-a-kind products and solutions, and is first class all over the world for well-known manufacturer in industry, technology and research.
Location: Müllheim/Germany Manufacturing area: 5.600 m2

Hellma Analytics

Optical components made of glass, quartz glass and calcium fluoride – as an essential key element, they are used in analytical instruments, facilities and machinery, and thus ensure best possible results within various applications. Since 1922, one-of-a-kind products and solutions for modern analysis have emerged from this. Thanks to our long term experience, ongoing development and our great variety of products, Hellma Analytics has become one of the most important partners for all notable manufacturers in analysis technology, research and industry.

Location: Jena/Germany Manufacturing area: 3.300 m2

Hellma Optics

As a specialized manufacturer of cylinder, toric and flat optics of highest quality, Hellma Optics manufactures its products according to individual requests. Well-known customers from all over the world appreciate high-precision optics made of premium calcium fluoride as well as glass and quartz of Schott or Heraeus. According to requirements from the fields of laser technology and photonics, innovative techniques and modern technology standards ensure an exceptional and consistently high product quality.

Location: Jena/Germany Manufacturing area: 9.000 m2

Hellma Materials

Calcium fluoride is, due to its unique features, the ideal basic material for several sectors. Based on its high radiation resistance and optical quality when hit by laser, calcium fluoride is used e.g. as a lens material in lithography. Not only astronomy, photography and microscopy but also HDTV optics and medical laser instruments can benefit from the innovative high-tech material. Our excellent know-how in producing calcium fluoride allows the fabrication of blanks in diameters up to 350 mm and with thicknesses up to 100 mm.

Location: Müllheim / Germany

Hellma Analytics | Axiom Technology

Hellma Analytics | Axiom Technology is a leading supplier of optical precision modules and systems for online spectroscopy. Whether for the process manufacturing industry or in the laboratory – the innovative solutions of Hellma Analytics accomodate virtually all samples while providing high spectroscopic fidelity under wide ranging conditions (UV/ Vis/ NIR/Raman).

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